Beyond the Borderlands

Out West

We headed out west (for real this time).

The mission was to go after dogtooth, he had stolen an Axe from a local woodsmen and the family wanted it back. Craven, Balor, Flagon and hired help Hurwood took on the mission.

The journey west was quick and uneventful, we sighted the ruins of the watch tower on the evening of the second day. The glowing camp fires gave away the dog tooth gang.

We were not as sneaky as we had hoped to be on our approach. Craven was spotted and got an arrow for his troubles. Flagon returned fire, everybody charged up the embankment of the ruins looking for cover.

At the top there we 7 or 8 guys which we got stuck in.

We worked our way though the minions, Craven freed up and pressed forward to take the boss. The bosses body guards stepped in and Craven was down for the count. With three minions still to go the boss picked up Cravens unconscious body. He put a knife to his throat, demanding we all drop our weapons.

Balor used to pause in the action to heal. Flagon ran at the boss, the guy he was fighting landed a blow, not too much damage. Fate smiled as Flagan swung his sword, crit! the boss took a bunch of damage and started bleeding out, dying before he could follow through on his threat.

We quickly mopped all who will still standing.


  • Manifest of supplies
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • The Woodsmen’s Axe
  • Long Bow
  • Studded Armor
  • 10 Dog Tooth Necklaces

We headed back into town in good spirits, stopping to heal our wounds along the way.



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