Beyond the Borderlands

The Wolf Hunt

After from the ALE house we headed out of town following the road north.
After a long day of walking we reached the Old Wayhouse.

As it was getting late in the day Balor worked on getting a fire going. Will and Dirk decided to have a look in the building, while Crichton and Alven (sp?) went to check out the barn.

After finding a strange painting on the wall (pointy eared figure with a horn?) Dirk was feeling very jumpy and decided to go and fetch Balor before they got too deep into the old house. Will was having none of that and made for the stairs as soon a Dirk was out the door.

Alven was also very nervous poking around the barn with his sword out. Crichton was looking for a good place to sleep for the night when there was a loud explosion.

Out side Balor, on his way to the house had come under fire from a pair of goblins. Crichton ran from the barn to the tree line heading for the action. Balor was able to recover him self and smite the attacking goblins with great speed.

Balor then set off the house again and on entering found Will surrounded with a a goblin spear sticking out of his back. On hammer blow to the face was enough to make the nearest goblin a red smear on the wall. Crichton and Dirk then came running into the room. Crichton headed for stair to help Will, and started wailing on the opposition. After Balor noticed that nobody had seen Alven since the attack went to fined him in the barn.

Alven had every thing under control after dispatching 12 of the little buggers before Balor arrived to finish off the last.

The party then settled in for the night taking 2hour watches. The discussions centered on the note book that Alven had found in the barn.

A pocket book of names and numbers.

It was Will’s shift when his goat rose the alarm. Some figures were crossing the fence line, heading straight for camp. Everybody woke up to see what was happening Balor was mutter something about the undead. It wasn’t until they got close to the fire that it was clear they were skeletons. Alven got some bolts off as they approached. Everybody got to work pounding on them. There were a few close calls as Crichton nearly got his spine severed. It took a long time for the tired party to notice that the edged weapons were not having the desired effect. Crichton pulled out his club, and Alven and Will both grabbed logs from the fire, a far more effective strategy.

When morning rolled around we looted the bones of our foes, and took a skull as a trophy. We then spent the morning searching the grounds of the Wayhouse with little success before heading back to the road and heading north to the forest. Everybody was feeling sick after the nights events, (It ended up take another day for everybody to recover). A few hours into the thick forest we came across a party of well armored hob-goblins. An ambush of sorts was planed by Will and Alven, as they were not the most strategic of thinkers, the ambush came as a surprise to the rest of the group. Everybody fought bravely and they were dispatched with out too much indecent.

The decision was made that this was a successful first adventure with some silver, loot and couple of trophies collected, even if we didn’t see any wolves. The party then spend the next couple of days make their way uneventfully back to the Ale House.



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