Balor Baztek


Balor is a medium height dwarf with flaming orange hair and beard and startlingly blue eyes. Balor wanders the world in a brown robe that covers most of his body, but where his flesh is exposed it is covered with tattooed spirals and runes. Balor carries a massive two handed war hammer that bears carving’s and metalwork of dwarven couples that if inspected by an innocent maiden would do more than bring out rosy blush.

While Balor’s hair has many plaits his beard has only two, but all both hair and beard are plaited with a multitude of small gems and bell’s so every steps sings out in joy to his Goddess

Balor’s most prominent visible tattoo’s are the electric blue twin spirals that start on each cheek spiral three times then raise past his eyes to meet on his forehead and become the Runic symbol of Ranu.


Balor was born in one of the deepest stronghold’s known to the dwarven clans, where the only sources of heat and light are the fiery channels of lava that moat the dwarven habitation. It was an auspicious day when this child was born to the Baztek ( rough common translation: Cradle of the flame ) Clan, as this day had been foreordained by the Clan shaman Gilerl as the day his successor would be born. The child was closely monitored by his soon to be master Gilerl, and on his first birthday after a Stonedream he named the child Balor ( rough common translation: secret or riddle holder ). After this name day Balor was taken under Gilerl’s supervision to be trained as a shaman to the dwarven Clan Mother Ranu, the Goddess of Fertility.

Upon reaching his majority, and the end of his training Balor was instructed to partake in the Stonedream and follow it’s visions to help his Clan and the entire dwarven race. For a long time the Stonedreams would show mainly mundane tasks for Balor, mainly visions of a small dwarven strongholds, which once he had found, he would spend a year or two healing the sick and conducting the marriage and fertility ceremonies for the local families.

A couple of years ago the Stonedream’s started to become much more vivid and directed, Balor started having vision’s of the beginning of time and Ranu’s flight to the centre of the earth where she birthed the dwarven race. Realising that he vision quest had become to find the long lost cavern’s that were the birthplace of his race, Balor made a leap of faith and left the safety of his peoples mountain homes to ventured out into the world.

Following the wind of rumour and clues that Balor has interpreted from his vision’s he was lead further and further north until he found himself at the gates of Fort Kilstead.

Balor Baztek

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