Will Rochefort

A former duelist who was forced into a life of petty crime and alcoholism


STR 16
DEX 19
CON 14
INT 15
CHA 14

Will carries a Sword Cane and a Long Bow.


Once a former duelist, Will was banned from the sport for cheating. Forced by the small-time crime lord Balthazar to use a slowing narcotic on his rapier, Will was stripped of his championship titles, banned from duelling, and began a life of petty crime.

Will’s primary source of income is to con nobles of their coin using his ability to bluff, and occasional bouts of thievery. Over the years, he has developed an uncanny ability to scale walls and sneak cat-like into nobles’ houses at the dead of night. Luck is usually on Will’s side, which is fortunate as he takes risks more often than he should.

Will’s downfall, however, is his knack for spending (or losing) money as fast as he makes it. He is a frequenter of many city taverns, and is never far from a good source of alcohol. This can cause him to gamble away more than he can afford, but he usually settles the debts within the next few days. Will carries a cane wherever he goes, and aquaintances (of which there are many) know him for his limp and good humour, but close friends (of which there are 2) have seen him throw off this disguise and perform astounding acts of acrobatics and swordsmanship when the need arises.

Of recent, Will has become bitter at his life-long ban from duelling, and has hit a streak of bad luck with his gambling. His quick wits and sharp tongue have put off Balthazar’s debt collectors for the time being, but with his debt rising, Will decides to skip town and seek adventure in the country, hoping to regain his dormant sword skills and earn enough money to pay his debts.

Will Rochefort

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