Deities and Demigods

I have neither the time nor the desire to create a pantheon of gods. One or two may be pre generated for my evil cultists to worship (oh yes there shall be cultists!!). Beyond that any players wishing to play a Priest or other such religiosity powered class will have to sit down with me and create their imaginary man in the sky themself.

Luckily FantasyCraft has rules for this, so it should be relatively quick and painless but will involve a tiny bit more time at character generation.

I look forward to seeing what kind of godlike beings get created…


Gogmagog, The Devourer from below, He who dwells beneath.

Gogmagog is an ancient being, legends dating back to the Old Times tell of a dark skinned giant who dwelled deep beneath the earth. His cults are devoted to darkness and destruction. He is often the favored deity of Orcs, Ogres and Goblinkind. Some Giants look upon him as the progenitor of their species and worship him as the creator.

It is said that Gogmagog has a voracious appetite and devours his foes whole, thus many of his cults, both inhuman and human alike tend to have strong cannibalistic tendencies.

Being strongly associated with the earth and caverns, sometimes miners and delvers will offer a prayer to Gogmagog before beginning a delve. Many delvers refer to the caverns and tunnels that catacomb the landscape in the north as “The Bowels of Gogmagog.”

Paths: Destruction, Earth, Strength, Fire

Ritual Weapon: War club

Avatar: Unknown

Opposed Alignments:

Dwarven Elder Gods – Creation Saga

Henrar – Strength of the Clans, God of Light
Paths: Light, Strength, Good
Ritual Weapon: Mace
Avatar: Pegasus

Ruhab – Betrayer of the Clans, Goddess of Darkness
Paths: Darkness, Spirits, Deceit, Evil
Ritual Weapon: Dagger
Avatar: Gorgon

Ulgan – Father of the Clans, God of Protection
Paths: Protection, Order, Earth, Metal
Ritual Weapon: War hammer
Avatar: Griffon

Eldik – Hated of the Clans, God of Death
Paths: Death, Chaos, Destruction, War
Ritual Weapon: Battle Axe
Avatar: Hell Hound

Ranu – Mother to the Clans, Goddess of Fertility
Paths: Life, Beauty, Fire
Ritual Weapon: War hammer
Avatar: Fire Elemental

Deities and Demigods

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