Ordo Venator

The Ordo Venator is the home of the mercenaries guild in the Fort. Hirelings can be recruited for their base Rate per day. It is also assumed that the employer is responsible for food and required supplies during any excursions.


Available Hirelings

Name Race Role Sex Wounds Weapon Armor Background Stuff/Knowledge Rate
Drodred Human Man at Arms M 6 Club, Dagger Leather Scullion Nothing 2gp
Balix Human Torch bearer M 2 Dagger none Peasant Map of his home 1gp
Unmar Human Torch bearer M 3 Dagger none Scribe Pet Rock 1gp
Gillo Human Man at Arms M 2 Dagger, Hand Axe Leather, Shield Escaped Slave Nothing 2gp
Nargash Human Torch bearer M 4 Dagger none Cottar Nothing 1gp

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Ordo Venator

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