Titans Grin Alehouse


“The Titan’s Grin Alehouse and Brewery” was once the home for the Delvers Guild in this region. Adventurers from all over would flock to the Alehouse to use it as a jumping off point for exploration to the north, Beyond the Borderlands…

For the last hundred years the Alehouse has lain dormant, silent and abandoned.

Continuous wars to the south pulled potential explorers, scholars and delvers away from the tombs and legacies of a bygone age, away from the hills and glades of the unexplored wilderness, and away from the blades, fangs and claws of the creatures who call those unknown places home.

Stories faded, Legends lost their shimmer, the worries, conflicts and struggles of the world bore down on the people of The Empire.

Trophies of the past were plundered, shelves and vaults stripped of the items that once told stories of courage, cowardice, adventure and treachery. Relics forged in the fires of combat and camaraderie faded into history, the house fell into disrepair, then, less than a year ago all that changed…

The Titan’s Grin Alehouse is open for business once again!

Titans Grin Alehouse

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