Bounties, Errands and Tasks


Delvers Wanted

Local cave-clearing missions for the adventurous and brave. Treasure and glory await! Local explorers with better things to do have provided 10 days rations and one donkey with supplies for the brave at heart…

Will take only 25% commission on treasure recovered.

Interested persons should contact Argan in the taproom of the Morning Star Inn.

The person posting the messages is a local drunkard, however he claims to have a map to a cavern that holds a great treasure. Not being an adventurer himself he has no desire to brave the wilds beyond the Borderlands, but he will provide any interested parties with the location of the cave for the promise that he will receive 25% of any treasure that the group returns with. He will insist that any adventurers accepting his offer take an oath with the local magistrate as a witness.

Noone knows where he acquired the donkey…

Bloodstone Gnolls

  • The Bloodstone Gnolls are a constant nuisance. Thin their numbers out to keep them from growing too bold.
  • Some Gnolls carry a talisman on them, return 25 Bloodstone talisman’s to the captain of the guard. Each talisman returned to the captain of the guard will earn the adventurer 5s.

3 Talismans returned by Fillion


Sotek the Herbalist

  • Sotek the herbalist will pay 1s for every 10 Bogleaf that are brought to him.
  • As an optional payment to this, he will make Healing Potions at half price for one week per every 10 Bogleaf that are brought to him.
  • Bogleaf can be found by “searching the area” in the Bog

Wolves of the North

  • Wolves have been attacking the herds grazing just outside the city.
  • Every time the Herdsmen or Guards go after them they retreat into the forest to the NorthWest. The City Guard will pay 20s for bringing them 10 wolf pelts.
  • Guards will only buy pelts in groups of 10


Woodcutters Legacy

Bandits from Dogtooth’s band murdered a woodcutter last week, there is a bounty of 50 silver for anyone who can return the woodsman’s axe to his next of kin in town.

  • The bandits are rumored to be camped at the Old Watchtower 3 days West of Fort Kilstead.

Completed by Balor, Flagon, Craven and their faithful manservant Hurwood (Thurwood)

Supply Caravan

Imperial Quartermaster Korr has placed a notice seeking guards to escort a supply caravan to the ruins of Newshore. The caravan will run from Fort Kilstead to Newshore and the guards will be paid upon safe arrival to the dig site.

The Imperial expedition will pay 25 gold to each guard upon arrival to the digsite.

Completed by: Flagon, Wil, Alvin, Craven, Mantor and their faithful manservant Hurwood (Thurwood)

Bounties, Errands and Tasks

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