Rumors and Town Gossip

The North Road splits and enters the woods due North of town, as well as further to the East near the Deepmere Bog.

The Bloodstone Grasslands get their name from the largest tribe of Gnolls that wander it.

The tomb of Hafeth Throatslitter is said to lie somewhere in the Frost Vale, far to the North.

Traders who have gone up river haven’t been heard of for weeks.

The Tomb River runs through Thunder Gorge.

The Bloodstone Gnolls use the bodies of their victims as undead slaves.

The Tomb River extends beyond the Frost Vale.

The woods to the East are home to several Faerie groves.

Water from Deepmere Bog brewed with fresh tree sap can help cure wounds.

The family that used to run The Old Wayhouse along the North Road was rich, their hidden stash of gold was never found after the Wayhouse was destroyed.

The bandit king from days gone by; Hafeth Throatslitter was actually born in the village of Newshore.

Argan the drunk used to be a great warrior and explorer. It is said he has wandered beyond the Frost Vale and returned to tell of it.

The Grove of Stone Men 3 days to the east of Fort Kilstead is the site of a battle with some unholy beast.

It is said that Unferth Godhand is an immortal.

There is a camp of Bloodstone Gnolls 3 days march to the Northwest of the Fort.

A dark shape has been seen in the sky, circling the Bogroot Mountains beyond the Bog to the east.

The Goblins in the Ravenwood like to sing.

The Bandits were seen lurking near the Abandoned Watchtower

Rumor has it they have a camp somewhere North along the Tomb River.

Rumors and Town Gossip

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