Sotek the Herbalist

Sotek is an Elven herbalist who’s traveling cart sits near the south gate of the fort.

Sotek has a less than savory reputation for his cures and charms, but several of the guardsmen swear by his Bogleaf Restorative Elixer’s and say they work wonders on wounds, fatigue and flatulence.

5 Things everybody knows about Sotek

  • He’s a middle aged Elf with intricate facial tattoos.
  • Sotek is always quick to cut customers a deal, but it’s pretty apparent that he always comes out ahead in the exchanges.
  • Many of the Fort militia swear by Sotek’s herbs and cures.
  • From time to time Sotek will hire townsfolk to collect rare plants and herbs from him out in the wilderness.
  • Many of the fort residents view him as a snake oil salesman and would run him off if he didn’t serve a purpose.


All of the normal medical supplies are available at Sotek’s cart (PHB pg162), In addition to some rare items from his personal stock.

  • Sotek’s Ole Timey Bogleaf Restorative Elixer (2gp)

+2 on Con based Cure/Resist checks.

  • Ye Olde Fortification Draught (5gp)

Doubles the rate of natural healing during a rest period.

Sotek the Herbalist

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