Overland Travel

Choose a direction and a number of days to travel.

Whoever is designated as the “guide” makes a check to see if they get the group lost or not.

This might be a behind the screen roll by me with some modifiers, haven’t decided yet.

The group moves the stated direction for the stated number of days.

Scale doesnt matter, the party should be tracking things in travel time, IE: the wayhouse is 5 days from the fort if we take the road.

I won’t bother with zooming in on an area unless absolutely necessary.

This should speed up the mechanics of travel quite a bit. This will screw up the distances on the area mapped so far, but that\’s easy enough for me to tell you how many days away something you have found actually is.

Searching an area

Searching will remain separate from travelling, with some modifications.

When you stop to search it will also be in days and you will be searching the area you are currently in.

Starting a search will prompt a roll by me with a base chance of success of finding a point of interest somewhere in that area.

Modifiers will include things like, time spent (5 days searching = higher chance of finding something than 1 day), whether or not the group has been to that area before, whether or not the party has a ranger, and the level of the ranger and so on.

Things like Wolf tracks, plants etc… won’t fall under this roll. If you search an area and stuff is there you will find it, this is for searching an area for… the tower of doom, the cave of unspeakable Jell-O etc… Menial stuff you will just find. That should alleviate a fair amount of the stumbling around and not doing anything.


Encounters will continue with roughly similar frequency as before, though I may modify the tables a bit.

Each day spent searching a hex will also increase the likelihood of an encounter. You are basically stomping around kicking over rocks in a fairly limited region; you are bound to attract attention.

e XP loration

Lifted from ChicagoWiz

Being the first to find the Temple of the Gummi Bear Lord, or the first to locate the Pool of Sparkling Pepsi is something to write home about, trailblazing through the wilderness and locating ruins and sites of arcane power will add to the characters legends and fame.

Mechanically, what this means is that there is an XP bonus for being part of the first group to find a particular location and live to tell about it. There’s no adding to your legend if you don’t make it back to The Fort to tell anyone about it after all.

I’ll be generating a list of locations and their XP value. The list will not cover everything that is out there, there will be dozens of additional sites that will provide bonuses when found, it will just be up to you all to find them.


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